The Cupcake Cone, A Great Summer Treat

A relationship with ice cream can be so complicated. It's so delicious, especially in the scorching summer heat, although as the temperature rises, so does the potential for a sloppy ice cream meltdown. Who wants to be at a backyard BBQ suddenly covered in sticky ice cream remnants while trying to socialize?

Introducing the Cupcake Ice Cream Cone, rescuing both your outfit and summer party social scene. Perfect for guests who can grab a cone without the stress of it melting all over them, it's also perfect for the host, who can prepare cones in advance and not have to slave over a quickly-melting ice cream bar.
With countless potential flavor and décor options, you have free rein to create the ultimate cone perfect for your party scene and theme.

For elaborate but easy step-by-step instructions, head here

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