Culinary School Secrets: The Flawless French Fry Recipe

Culinary School Secrets: The Flawless French Fry Recipe
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The potato stands as the most consumed vegetable in the United States, according to the FAO. Their versatility, nutrient-rich properties, and inexpensive nature makes this starchy snack one of the leading stars on our plates.When preparing potatoes, keep in mind the two categories: starchy (Idaho-type) and waxy (red bliss).  Since starchy potatoes separate and incorporate air when cooked, they are perfect for mashed potatoes, French fries, etc. Waxy potatoes on the other hand, remain intact when cooked, so they are great for soups and other dishes where whole potato pieces are desired. Since the potato and the deep-fryer are such great complements to each other, it is no wonder that the french fry is a staple item on menus throughout the country. From thick-cut steak fries to crispy shoestrings, everyone has their fry of choice, but no one can deny the classic light and airy interior and crispy golden crust of the classic fast-food fry.