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Tracie Stoll

Tracie Stoll, the woman behind, is a firm believer that you are never supposed to stop learning. She lives by the motto "be inspired to be clever," and uses her blog to share recipes, projects, and decorating ideas that she hopes will give readers a powerful sense of accomplishment when they are able to say, "Yes, I made that." Her passions span projects, cooking, baking, decorating and photography, and she hopes that through her blog she will be able to inspire readers to be "clever" in their own homes.

We asked her to answer the following questions, so you could get to know her a little better.

Where are you from?
Prospect, Ky. (just outside of Louisville)

What is your culinary passion?
Baked goods ("they are comfort on a plate") and classic Italian

What foods do you hate?
Stinky cheese and (too) spicy food

What foods can’t you live without?
Carbs… in moderation. "I think when you let yourself eat things in moderation that bring you joy... you can appreciate all types of food."

What is your cooking music?
Pandora stations Jack Johnson and James Taylor (although it depends on the crowd and the weather).

What is your favorite food app?
All Recipes dinner spinner.

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Tell us a few surprising facts about yourself.
I am a mom to 13-year-old twins with different birthdays — they were split at midnight. And, after three years of blogging, I still wonder if anyone is reading. I don’t think that will ever change.