Cucumbertown Launches RecipeWriter

Get ready to raise a toast to this smart new editing tool brought to you by the world's fastest growing network of cooks.

At, Cucumbertown, the tumblr for cooks all over the world, we are pulling out all stops to give our users the best kind of blogging experience with this new tool. Why would you want to invest, the time, effort and money to build your own personal food blogging website, when you have a platform that offers you everything on a platter? All the user is expected to do is write. The rest of the many areas associated with recipe blogging, right from creating a great design, the perfect layout , SEO, and marketing are all taken care of, when you become a user on Ct. 

Earlier this year, we came up with the RecipeCam, which aimed to provide a hassle free method of making videos, so every cook could also aspire to be a vlogger. Our plan is to add to our arsenal of blogging aids, thereby creating a great ambience for our users to let their creative cooking blogs flourish. The biggest plus for our blogger is, that this editor, adapts intuitively to their writing styles to a large extent, as shown in the video.

This editor is like MS word for recipes. It autocompletes, autonumbers, conducts spell checks, autosaves, etc. reducing something that could take hours and sometimes days, to mere minutes. This versatility of the tool, makes it easy for even someone without a background in writing, blogging or technology, to start recording their recipes for posterity. As anyone who has tried their hand at food blogging would know, its not the easiest thing in the world. The ease and user friendly features of this editor, may work as a catalyst to get more users to food blog, thereby preserving some recipes from disappearing from dinner tables forever.

A lot of recipes are lost to the world, because people don't document it, and eventually its gone. So if we give people an easy-to-use interface, to store those recipes, it would help preserve some cuisines and even cultures.

Take a look at this simple, smart and beautiful interface.

Like Instagram can transform the most nondescript pictures into beautiful images, the RecipeWriter can transform any haphazard methods of recipe writing, into a beautifully aligned blog post, complete with step by step instructions and images.  So to help you write meaty blogs, and cook up delicious treats, Cucumbertown's RecipeWriter is finally here.