Crumbs Bake Shop Launches Gluten-Free Store

Looks like the gluten-free movement is gaining enough traction to go mainstream; Crumbs Bake sSop has just announced its first-ever gluten-free store, opening in New York's Greenwich Village this October.

Other bakeries have offered gluten-free options before, notably Babycakes, which is the vegan, gluten-free bakery that spawned plenty of donut, cupcake love. Of course, Crumbs is a larger operation than Babycakes. The new store will sell the same cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and pastries sold at the regular store, except in gluten-free versions, a press release says. Extras at this store will include gluten-free breads, quiches, pies, and tarts.

Even better for those suffering from celiac disease? Everything will be baked at a gluten- and peanut-free facility, meaning no cross-contamination. The new gluten-free Crumbs will open at 37 E. Eighth St.,  and will also ship gluten-free options throughout the United States. No word on whether a gluten-free Crumbnut (cronut knockoff) will be available.