Cruising Down the Mississippi in the American Queen

Newly launched steamboat offers 4-course meals in a time-traveling experience

Rolling down the river? That's how Southern residents close to the Mississippi River used to travel; now, those looking to experience the 19th century can climb aboard the re-launched American Queen steamboat and sail away.

The American Queen, Fox News reports, was one of main ships to sail down the Mississippi in the 18th and 19th centuries. The boats were not just responsible for travel, but also for the expansion of classic American music, like New Orleans jazz and Memphis blues. But in 2008, the company operating the American Queen and other boats ceased operations. Since then, the American Queen boat was bought by the Great American Steamboat Company and renovated for $6 million.

Now, the American Queen is back on the water, this time better than ever. New renovations include upgraded rooms with flatscreen TVs, plus amenities like exercise rooms, swimming pools, tea rooms, and more. But the main attractions are the food and drinks. In the 19th-century-style Old Dining Room, guests dine on chef Regina Charboneau's Southern comfort dishes. Fox News and the Courier Journal share their favorite dishes: crabcake eggs Benedict, beignets, beef brisket po'boys, and Bayou shrimp, plus, the "Front Porch" area of the ship offers free coffee and sandwich fare all day. As for the drinks, there are three bars on deck.

Prices for trips on the American Queen range from $995 to $8,000 per person.