Is The Cronut Trend Dying Down?

The buzz around Cronuts, the croissant-donut hybrid that's been on sale at New York's Dominique Ansel bakery since May, has been so incane that people have been waking up at dawn to stand in line for hours for on. But according to Eater, the line was empty Monday morning at 10 a.m. No line, no nothing. She simply went inside and bought a Cronut.

The cashier even told her that for the past couple weeks, there's been at least one day a week where they don't sell out!

So what's so special about the product? Chef Dominique Ansel says on his website that it takes up to three days to make a batch. He needs to proof it, fry it, roll it in sugar, fill it with cream, and glaze it. There's only one flavor per month, and September's flavor is Fig Mascarpone. Customers waiting in line can only receive two Cronuts, due to the massive demand. But maybe that demand is finally dying down.

There have been numerous fake Cronuts being sold all over the world, from South Korea to the Le Petit here. They might not taste the same, but busy people seem to be settling for whatever they can get.Either that or, as Yogi Berra put it best, "It's too crowded. Nobody goes there any more." Take a look at our map to find a fake Cronut near you!