Cronut Inventor Rolls Out Another Pastry Miracle

This time, it's the 'Magic Soufflé,' a chocolate soufflé encased in brioche

The next Cronut?

Of course, Dominique Ansel would roll out another crazy invention right about now: Crumbs has mass-produced the Cronut in the "Crumbnut," the Cronut line is shorter than ever, and the frozen s'mores didn't have quite the impact you would think something like that would garner.

So this time around, Ansel released the "Magic soufflé," which Grub Street reports is a mini chocolate soufflé baked into an orange blossom-scented brioche. Somehow, the soufflé remains risen, with a molten center, all while proofing inside a buttery brioche. This man is a genius.

According to Grub Street, Ansel uses the same ingredients of a normal soufflé (chocolate, sugar, egg whites, flour), but with different proportions (which has made all the difference, obviously). Customers are still supposed to eat the pastry right out of the oven; three soufflés go for $7. 


The chef is debuting the tidbits today; the soufflés officially go on sale Saturday. Expect more lines at Dominique Ansel (darn).