Crepes Bonaparte Truck: Paris Crêpes on LA Streets

Paris Crêpes on LA Streets

Ever waited on a Paris "rue" and seen one of those street vendors with a line of people behind you hungrily expecting that their crêpe with ham and cheese will be the next one to be folded over into paper and handed over for a few euros? Then you remember that warm, salty cheesiness, the reaffirming enjoyment of life that comes with biting down into well-made freshly cooked crêpe. It’s thin. It’s crispy. It’s salty, gooey, satisfying, and soul-affirming in a way that almost shouldn’t be possible. And yet it is. The partners behind Crêpes Bonaparte know that love, too.

The truck was an offshoot of founder Christian Murcia’s graduate project at USC’s School of Entrepreneurship. As Food Network notes about one of its past The Great Food Truck Race contestants, the truck, "emulating the experience of ordering a crêpe off the streets of Paris, Christian, his fiancée, Danielle Law, and his childhood friend Matthew Meyer, take crepes out of the fine dining realm." On this menu, there are breakfast crêpes (a fresh-cracked egg with a variety of other fillings including bacon, ham, Cheddar, peppers and onions, garlic pesto, mozzarella, and guacamole), savory crêpes, dessert crepes, and traditional crepes (ham and cheese, cinnamon and sugar, lemon or butter and sugar, or Nutella), all served from the truck by folks wearing berets, black vests, and ties to the sound of French pop. Own it, baby. Own it.

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