The Credit Card Fork, for Diners on the Go

This new product alleviates the stress of forgetting utensils

Credit Card Cutlery

Designer Devon Briggs was inspired to come up with a product that would conveniently alleviate the stress of getting ready to dig into a meal, only to discover there's no cutlery in sight — the result is Credit Card Cutlery.

The sleek, innovative flat-pack fork is designed to be the size and thickness of a credit card, so it can be easily transported for emergency situations; diners simply fold the card (made of die-cut biodegradable plastic) in half to reveal the tines of the fork, then wash and reuse, or toss after the meal is finished.

Credit Card Cutlery can also be printed with a particular logo or phrase, so diners could get them printed for their next company event or special occasion.