Crazy Behavior At The Grocery Store


Grocery stores are generally regarded as being relatively neutral as far are public places go. For the most part, people tend to keep to themselves while shopping for food, right? But lately, grocery stores nationwide have turned out to be the unexpected location for bizarre conflicts. While one of these recent situations is purposely humorous, the other has spurred legal action.

• Whole Foods Hip Hop: Creative music collective Fog and Smog has recently released a rap video that mocks Whole Foods and many of its customers. The video pokes fun at various things like the grocery chain's small carts and high prices.

• Fighting in Trader Joe's: An altercation that took place at a Trader Joe's located on the Upper West Side of New York City this past January is being tried in criminal court this week. After a teenager grabbed a package of frozen vegan pad Thai with tofu before another customer, the incident led to an escalated argument resulting in one woman slapping the other woman across the cheek.


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