Cows Are Drinking Their Way to Tenderness

Cows in France drink vintage wine to produce high-quality beef

Cows in France are being fed wine in an attempt to produce high-quality beef, according to the Telegraph.

Jean-Charles Tastavy is the first to experiment with raising cows on wine in Lunel-Viel, France. During the experiment, Tastavy fed three cows wine along with a combination of hay, barley, and grapes for four months.

The cows were given approximately two bottles of wine every day, and not cheap table wine either.

The cows drank wine from Saint-Genies des Mourgues, a Languedoc village near Montpellier renowned for its vineyards. The result of the experiment is Vinbovin, an especially tender meat. However, the process of adding wine into the cow’s feed has tripled the cost of the feed, adding about €80 ($97) to the restaurant’s cost for purchasing prime beef.