Coveting Shiny New Things This Holiday? Henri J. Sillam Has You Covered


We’ve officially entered the holiday season which primarily means one thing—shopping, for yourself, others, the home—it’s basically an economic free for all. And while we’re sure you’re in the holiday spirit, snapping up gifts left and right for friends, family and lovers, there’s nothing wrong with making your own wish list in the process is there? Wouldn’t you rather let people know what you’re coveting this fall instead of ending up with another gift card? And we’re betting jewels are on the top of that list. If you can’t pin down a favorite (hey there are a lot of options out there) maybe taking a look at the opulent, whimsical and traditional pieces at Henri J. Sillam will help you narrow down your list—or make it bigger—we’re not picky.

With a father who was a master goldsmith and family legacy of jewelry starting from 1835, it’s pretty clear artistry is in the veins. Sillam graduated from Yale University before attending the University of Vienna, completing with a degree in Publishing and Communications. While in Europe he visited several cites through his course of study, and in these travels re-discovered his true passion for the family legacy. Now the CEO and Head Designer, he is the fifth generation of his family to hold the title, and tradition of the art of “haute joaillierie”.

What this means for you is Sillam knows jewelry, diamonds, gold, metal and stones—bridal sets and trendy prêt-à-porter pieces are treated with the same care and luxury. Often these aesthetics blend to creation fun, luxurious fashion, like a strawberry ring made of rubies, tsavorites, and red and white gold. Contemporary twists on timeless pieces like the Nathalie earrings, which are comprised of pink sapphire, 18kt yellow gold and rose quartz, are perfect for anyone that loves modern classics, while jewelry, like the EOS earrings made of lime green turquoise and diamonds are perfect for trendsetters. This is all, of course, assuming you’ll be gifting these pieces.

From simple elegance to the more fashionable trends, there’s something for everyone’s wish list—including your own. There’s even a collection for the gentlemen that includes cufflinks in 18kt gold, diamonds, precious gems and corals. Personally, we’re thinking an even trade off this holiday might be best, jewels for him, jewels for you—unless of course he’s got his heart set on a new Playstation 4.

Henri J. Sillam is available at their boutiques worldwide and prices are available upon request.