Of Course Anthony Bourdain Would Get a Tattoo at SXSW

Plus, he hangs out with the band Sleigh Bells and drinks avocado cocktails

Travel and food shows are all about being envious of someone's awesome life, so naturally the preview of No Reservations just makes us want to quit our jobs and hang out with cool bands nonstop. But instead, we'll write about it.

In this teaser, Anthony Bourdain heads to SXSW, chills out with pop duo Sleigh Bells at their rented house, and has some awesome looking seafood/corn stuff, and drinks an avocado cocktail. And then he gets a tattoo, because why not? "I figured look, my body at this point is like a car. There are so many dents in it at this point it won't even matter, so why the f*ck not?" he says in a calm voiceover.

Granted, his new tat is a pretty safe star/sun sign thing, so it's not like he drunkenly got a butterfly tattoo on his right hip at 2 a.m. while at a tattoo party or anything... But the avocado cocktail, roasted pigs, and crawfish all kind of look amazing (not to even mention being at SXSW with Sleigh Bells). Hey Bourdain, we'd really like your life please, kthxbye.