Could You Stomach This Massive Taco?

Houston area restaurant makes world famous taco

Texas restaurant tries to make worlds largest taco.

A Houston-area restaurant is hoping to break its own record by constructing a gargantuan sized taco. Back in 2002 the restaurant cooked up a 17-foot-long taco that weighed in at 1,080 pounds the employees are now setting out to make history.

Ranchero King Buffet constructed a 1,700-pound meal made of nearly 24 feet of baby back ribs, chicken, fajitas and filled with all of the savory trimmings including bell peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes.

Elias Duran, owner of Ranchero King Buffet, submitted the taco to the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest taco designation and is waiting for a response. The city of Mexicali in Baja California, Mexico holds the current title with their 1,600-plus pound taco that stretches nearly 36 feet and contained nearly 1,200 pounds of grilled steak alone.

“All of the process is filmed,” said Duran. “The taco is weighed by judges, and the tortilla has to be in one piece – no glue or tears allowed.”

A team of 25 worked on the potentially record-breaking meal that was later served up on a couple thousand plates to locals who came out to witness the event, according to Duran.

So, what did it cost to taste a piece of potentially soon-to-be history? Nothing. Plates of the taco were completely on-the-house.

“When I went to get a plate I couldn’t even get one,” said Duran. “We had served so many that there wasn’t any left for me.”

The Ranchero King Buffet taco officially stretches 23 feet and 11 inches, nearly a third shorter than the current record holder but weighs about fifty pounds more.

Official applications for inclusion to the Guinness Book of World Record take between four to six weeks for processing before the task is attempted. Once the OK is given and the feat is attempted there is an additional six to eight weeks to determine whether or not the claim will be added to the record books.

“I want to do it again next year,” said Duran. “This time a 30-foot taco, and I want it to weigh a ton.”

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