Could Alcohol Save the Postal Service?

A new proposal allowing the USPS to ship alcohol could bring them more business
USPS Could Deliver Alcohol to Your Mailbox

USPS Could Deliver Alcohol to Your Mailbox

We've all gotten cases of wine shipped to our home (or office, ahem) via FedEx or UPS, but now the cheaper — and federally owned — United States Postal Service might join in the booze shipping business.

A 1909 law has since prohibited the USPS from shipping alcohol, TIME reports, but last Wednesday the U.S. Senate passed legislation that would allow the USPS to mail alcohol.

The bill (which also, to be fair, includes measurements to start six-day deliveries and increase employment benefits) could bring in some extra money to the USPS with the rise in shipments. But first, TIME notes, the post office would have to make sure they weren't shipping alcohol to anyone underage, and also look at states that don't allow shipments of out-of-state alcohol.

However, if the USPS gets the bill passed, two-, four-, and six-bottle wine boxes could ship for a flat rate anywhere in the States. Include some insurance on those pricey bottles of reserve wine.