Costco Offers Cohn's Restaurant Discounts In San Diego

Costco shoppers in San Diego can now buy restaurant gift cards at a discounted price. San Diego's Cohn Restaurant Group partnered with Costco Wholesale to sell a thousand limited 'Platinum Edition' dining cards, according to The Daily Transcript.

The gift cards are on shelves at Costco locations in Morena, Carlsbad, Carmel Mountain, Mission Valley, and La Mesa. This is not the first time that the restaurant group teamed up with Costco; they started in 2005 and sold over $1 million in gift cards at various warehouse locations, UT San Diego reported.

The new gift cards, however, are a new product, and come with a very high price tag. "I think it's a great buy for San Diego diners because it leaves them with a wide assortment of restaurant options at their disposal. Not to mention, this deep member discount is something we've never offered before," restaurant group owner David Cohn said.

Each $749.99 gift card package contains two $500 gift cards, which total up to a $1000 value. Diners essentially have a 25% off discounted retail price; they can redeem the gift cards when they dine at select Cohn Restaurant Group's restaurants. Despite the discount, the gift card still costs a lot. The price is probably meant to allow customers to eat at restaurants several times. There are fourteen restaurants to choose from, including Corvette Diner, Blue Point, The Prado, Indigo Grill. The gift cards also work at three more restaurants that are expected to open in the fall.

For those who dine out often or want to taste what San Diego has to offer, this gift card package might be worth the price.