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Fast Food During Coronavirus: McDonald's Outlines Plans to Reopen

Sorry, kids — one part of McDonald's will stay closed
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After weeks of social distancing precautions implemented with varied results, states have begun to reopen restaurants for dine-in

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McDonald’s released a 59-page document to franchisees outlining the corporation’s plans for reopening restaurants. 

Universal guidelines for all 14,000 U.S. McDonald’s locations when they reopen include closing seating to accommodate social distancing, more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, face mask requirements for crew members, modifying self-serving beverage procedures to limit contact and keeping play places closed. 

Yes, those jungle-gym-style indoor playgrounds for kids to play in after feasting on nuggets, apple slices, yogurt and chocolate milk will stay closed even as dine-in services resume.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the chain has fewer than 100 restaurants open for dine-in in states with lifted restrictions.


French fries and quality time with family and friends are among the things diners miss most about restaurants during coronavirus quarantine. But should they wish to dine-in elsewhere, there are other popular chain restaurants open for dine-in.