Corona Introduces 3 Tropical Lime Malt Beverages

Want to put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up? Corona, famed for its summery, squeeze-a-lime-in-the-bottle beer, has just introduced a new line of drinks. Refresca flavored malt beverage is now available in three varieties. And you'd better love lime, because they all contain some. The canned beverages come in coconut lime, guava lime and passionfruit lime.

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In an email, a representative for Corona describes the drink as a "premium spiked refresher," noting that, "this is the first non-beer flavored malt beverage for Corona."

The tropical fruit flavors make this sound like a summer beer, but you can kick off your summer early, because the drink is available now for purchase in select markets.

The guava lime and passionfruit lime flavors are available in six-packs priced at $9.99, while the coconut lime flavor is sold in a 12-pack that includes all three flavors and is priced at $16.99, USA Today reports. If you can't find Corona Refresca near you, stay thirsty, because it'll hit more stores nationwide starting in early May.

Do tropical flavors seem a good fit for malt beverages? It's your call as to whether you'll raise your glass to these latest bevvies, but the new drinks are trendy. Sales of sparkling beverages and sellers within the mixed-drinks category rose 6 percent in 2018, USA Today reported, citing the research firm International Wine and Spirits. Whether or not Corona Refresca is for you, check out the 101 best beers in America.