The CorningWare Cookware Pattern Of Your Childhood Is Back

Food is famous for stirring up memories. One bite of mom's apple crisp recipe can put you right back in grandma's homey kitchen where you first tasted it. And familiar cookware can do the same thing. For its 60th anniversary, CorningWare brought back the iconic blue-and-white pattern known as Cornflower Blue, and just one glance is bound to send many cooks whirling back in time to the Thanksgiving tables of their childhoods.

Look familiar? The dishes are white, with a neat blue floral pattern decorating the center of each container. They were available for 30 years, from the 1950s through the 1980s, and have now returned in an updated pattern that still looks a lot like the look many Americans grew up with.

"First produced in 1958, the iconic blue Cornflower pattern quickly became a staple in American households and for many, the pattern is synonymous with CorningWare and some of their fondest family food memories," CorningWare said in a statement. "The collection features various-sized baking dishes, generously sized mugs, measuring bowls, a ramekin set, and mixing bowls — all featuring the charming blue flowers that have warmed hearts and homes for generations."

The dishes are durable stoneware, and are safe for use in the microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher. Corelle Brands, parent company of CorningWare, told The Daily Meal in a statement that the limited-edition pattern will be available until 2019.

One reviewer on the Bed, Bath and Beyond site notes that she'd owned this pattern since the 1970s, so purchased the same pattern for a granddaughter's wedding. Another wrote, "I have a sentimental attachment to the Cornflower design. I have many, many pieces from the 1958 collection, that were my mother's and grandmother's. I still use them daily."

Prices for the 60th anniversary collection vary by piece, but range from about $8 to $50. And you're sure to find the right size for one or more of these 27 comforting casseroles you'll want to make this fall.