The Cool Charm Of Salt Spring Island

If you're looking for a taste of Canadian "cool," then look no further than Salt Spring Island. I visited the island on a recent trip and saw why many locals consider the island to be "coolest" for its mild climate, lush beauty, forested trails, scenic beaches, expansive vistas, and relaxed vibe. Populated by artists, musicians, writers, retired millionaires, restaurateurs, trades people, and farmers, it seems to be a hub for anyone who wants to savor the best in life.

Outdoor enthusiasts come for incredible hiking, kayaking, golf, cycling, swimming, birding, and beachcombing. Food lovers (like myself) enjoy artisanal delights from Moonstruck Organic Cheese, Salt Spring Island Bread Company, and Mistaken Identity Vineyards. Trust me: an elegant gourmet dinner prepared with regional ingredients by Hastings House chef Marcel Kauer is a must, along with an overnight stay in one of their luxury resort rooms. Before dining, be sure to walk through the Hastings House sculpture gardens and along the waterfront path. The views are breathtaking!

Ferry rides to the Island are the most common way to get there, although seaplane and boat travel are available as well.