Cooking Shortcuts You Never Knew Existed

When it comes to cooking for a family, I am always looking for ways to save time. So when I dug up some of these awesome shortcuts, I was thrilled. They are all great ways to bake and cook awesome things on unexpected equipment, like panini presses and waffle makers, and I jumped at the chance to give them a shot. I've tried quite a few of these recipes and they are all totally awesome. Best of all, they save time! Brownies in two minutes? No problem! Grilled cheese in three minutes? Just pull out the waffle maker! I promise, you'll love trying out these cool new cooking shortcuts. Enjoy all your newfound free time!

— TheNaptimeChef, Babble


Did you know that instead of buying fancy waffle cones you can easily make them at home on your panini press? Impress everyone at your next party with this cool trick.

Make ice cream cones on a panini press.


Skip baking a huge cake which can take 30 minutes or more, and bake a mini-layer cake on your panini press in less than 5! You won't believe how easy it is and how awesome it tastes!

Bake a birthday cake on a panini press.


When there just isn't enough time to preheat the oven, there is plenty of time to make pizza in a skillet. Try this simple method to get a warm cheesy pizza on the table in five minutes instead of the usual 10 it takes to cook it in the oven.

Make cheesy pizza in a skillet.


A waffle press has so many more uses than just for making waffles! Try using it to make this awesome grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Instead of cooking the sandwich over low heat for 15 minutes and constantly flipping it, you can sandwich in the hot waffle iron for three minutes and cook it through entirely. You'll love the crispy edges and perfectly melted cheese made with half the effort of the stovetop method.

Make grilled ham and cheese in a waffle press.


Did you know that you can bake brownies in half the time on a waffle iron? You won't believe how easy it is and how delicious they taste. Instead of baking them for 30 minutes, simply cook them up in less than five minutes on the waffle maker. Then, serve them with a dollop of whipped cream for a fun dessert!

Make brownies on a waffle iron.


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