Get Ready for Cooking Mama 4

The latest version of Cooking Mama to be released later this year

Later this year, Cooking Mama 4 is set to be released on Nintendo’s 3DS and is currently available for pre-order. This popular cooking game has already been released on a number of various gaming systems, including Wii, iPod touch, and Nintendo DS.

In this game, the player takes on the role of Mama by chopping, slicing, cooking, and arranging the final dishes. There are mini-games in which the participant plays to create various dishes and receive badges or rankings after completing tasks. This newest version will include new recipes and new combinations of mini-games so you can create even more dishes.

A number of sequels of Cooking Mama have been released, including other games with the main character, Mama, babysitting, crafting, or camping—another game set to be released later this year. Another, version, Cooking Mama – Mama Kills Animals, was created by PETA and was intended to disparage the game’s usage of meat.

To celebrate this newest release for Nintendo 3DS, if you pre-order a copy you can receive a free stuffed Mama doll.

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