Cooking Comically at Comic Con

We sit down with Tyler Capps to chat cooking and comics
Tyler Capps

Checkout this creative comic perfect for home cooks who need a laugh.

"I call it the unruly love child of webcomics and cooking blogs," artist Tyler Capps says of his website—now a book—called "Cooking Comically.”

"I've always drawn comics about whatever I've been into at the time," said Capps, a trained graphic artist.  A few years ago, Capps started cooking. Now he has a webcomic at and his book, "Cooking Comically: Recipes So Easy You'll Actually Make Them" hit shelves October 1.

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The comic strips are comprised of photographs Capps takes of each stage in the cooking process. Over the photos, he draws a stick figure and dialogue bubbles that help walk readers through the steps.

Asked what his style of cooking is, Capps said "Simply." His webcomic site is full of homestyle American recipes like meatloaf, barbeque chicken and pancakes. His first ever cooking comic, for example, was for a dish called "2am Chili" that he first posted to the internet forum Reddit.

Capps' favorite recipe is his pulled pork. "It's the best test to effort ratio—it's super-easy and it's way way tasty. I basically throw it in the pot and let it cook for a couple of hours." 

"Most of the time [my recipe ideas] come from me figuring out what I want to eat and then reading a whole bunch of different recipes and just compiling everything. Then I throw my own tweaks in and cook it a few times."

"Cooking Comically" is about more than just simplicity.  Each comic features a character named Angus Cook, drawn as a simple stick figure over the pictures, whose dialogue serves as the ingredient list and instructions.

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Angus Cook's combative tone and frequent use of swears and internet-isms is a far cry from what you'd usually find on a cooking blog—Angus speaks more like a college bro or a Redditor than Emeril Lagasse or Rachael Ray. Nevertheless,  "Cooking Comically" retains a sense of playfulness among the hyperbolic humor that makes the recipes just as fun to read as they are to cook.