Cooking with Chef Todd English at Ça Va Brasserie

Chef Todd English takes on global cuisine
Todd English
Jane Bruce

Todd English

Crab wrapped with duck pastrami, lobster and caviar quiches, and pommes frites were plentiful last night at chef Todd English’s cooking demonstration at Ça Va Brasserie on 44th street between 8th and 9th avenues in New York City. Chef English shared his recipe for seared duck breast and carrot risotto while telling stories about his experience as an American chef.

“American chefs are some of the best in the world,” said chef English, “they train in a variety of genres, since almost any type of food you want is available in America- except for probably cuisines from Kuwait.”

Chef English trained in French cuisine in his early twenties. He teasingly compared the executive chef he trained under to the character from the Disney movie Ratatouille. Chef English’s risotto is inspired from family style bistros throughout France where he says “the mothers bless the risotto with plenty of butter.”

“Butter and cream does not fix everything,” shared chef English. His entrées are characterized by big flavors instead big portions. For instance, incorporating ginger and cinnamon, flavors distinct to Japan, with the duck breast highlights the lean cut of poultry.

The event ended with warm almond Madelines served with chocolate fondue and a signing of the chef’s new cook book Cooking in Everyday English: The ABCs of Great Flavors at Home, which is available at bookstores nation-wide. To indulge in some of chef Todd English cooking swing by Ça Va Brasserie.