Cookies Paired with Wine by Design

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Skip dinner and go straight for the cookies, perfectly paired with your favorite wine
Cookies and Corks

Wine paired with cookies? Delicious.

Cookies, meet wine.

You no longer have to decide, "Should I have a cookie or a glass of wine?" Cookies and Corks has brought two of life’s greatest pleasures together for you, creating a line of cookies specifically designed to pair with wine.

There are red-, white- and sparkling-pairing boxes, filled with a mix of cookies like Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal and White Cheddar Rosemary. Each box-by-wine-type has 15 cookies and sells for $7.95. If one cookie in particular knocks your socks off, you can also buy an entire box of your favorite savory or sweet delight. Five cookies to a box costs $3.

Once you’ve got your cookies and wine in hand, the website gets even more specific, noting the ideal pairings by cookie and grape.

Cookies and Corks can be purchased online or at a variety of stores nationwide, all of which are listed on their website.

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