Cookie Monster Thief Wants to Return Cookie Sculpture

This is the most bizarre crime story we've ever read
Bahlsen Statue, Pre-Crime
Wikimedia/Georg Herting

If you ever decide to steal a cookie statue, please dress up like Cookie Monster.

Last month, officials noticed that a $130 giant gold cookie was missing from a historic Germany cookie company, Bahlsen.

The cookie, which was made of gold-plated bronze, weighed 44 pounds, was suspended 17 feet above the ground inbetween two nude statues. It was last noticed on Jan. 3.

Since then, an unknown person has sent a ransom note for the cookie. The note, which included a photo of someone dressed up in a Cookie Monster costume, eating the golden cookie, demanded that Bahlsen give cookies to children in hospitals across Hanover and donate $1,400 to an animal home. ""I have the cookie! And you want it," the letter read, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) newspaper reported.

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Since then, Bahlsen has promised to donate 52,000 cookie packages to charities if the cookie is returned. The Cookie Monster thief has sent a second note saying he wants to return it, AP reports. All notes, naturally, were written in cut-out letters, like movie ransom notes. It's seriously the perfect crime.