Cookie Monster Takes On 'Hunger Games,' Sings About Cookie-Copia

Guys, there's no hiding the fact that we love Sesame Street and Cookie Monster's adorable addiction to cookies (especially in his "Call Me Maybe" parody).

This tidbit, while not as catchy as "Share It Maybe," is pretty sweet. Cookie Monster and Grover take on pop culture classics in the EW office, putting their own cookie-filled spins on The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Doctor Who, and The Newsroom (not Twilight, though. They have standards).

We will say that Cookie Monster's Hunger Games is the best bit of the section, especially with Cookie Monster's lyrics, like "Oh me the tribute from Sesame Street/ hunting cookies that be good to eat/ in this terrible dystopia/ Making me wait the cookie-copia." Grover's bits are pretty cute, too.

Then there's Cookie Monster's Edible Hulk in The Avengers, and his super idealistic, staunchly ethical newsman. Watch the full video over on Entertainment Weekly. More Cookie Monster parodies, please.