Wine Pairings for Santa

Treat Santa with wine pairings for your holiday cookies
Shutterstock/ Lara Clarence Photography

What wine to leave out for Santa?

If Santa's not even drinking as much milk anymore, what should hebe drinking? After all, something has to be drunk with the dozens of holiday cookies made this month. We're sure you — er, we mean Santa — would appreciate a glass of wine or two after a long night of sleigh rides and delivering presents. 

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We know you've already begun to prepare your best holiday cookies for Santa, but what's the best wine to leave out for him? The key for pairing wines and cookies is to pick sweet: if the cookie is a tad sweeter than the wine itself, the wine will turn bitter or sour when paired. You can't go wrong with a dessert wine, or some of the sweeter, aromatic wines, such as a riesling with gingerbread cookies. A riesling or gewürztraminer will bring out the spicy notes of a gingerbread treat with its hints of peach and honey.


But we know that Santa travels all over the world, and needs some pairings for fare from Chile to Denmark. The team at Velvet Palate, a wine retailer that specializes in artisanal wines, shared their picks for cookies, cakes, and more pairings for Santa — beacuse he needs all the help he can get while delivering joy and happiness. Click here to find wine pairings for all of Santa's favorite treats, including your sugar, gingerbread, and chocolate chip cookies.