Why You Should Consider Grits For Breakfast

It used to be that Southern food anywhere outside of the South was an anomaly, but now you can hardly walk around New York City without finding some Southern-inspired restaurant — Southern fried chicken, Texas-style barbecue, Nashville hot chicken. But what's even stranger — it's not all bad.

Southern food is becoming a universally enjoyed cuisine, and grits (a major component of the Southern diet) are a huge part of that. As more people discover that what comes in the Quaker box is only a mere facsimile of real Carolina grits or Logan Turnpike grits, the more they will come to love the porridge of sweet, ground corn.

In a world of overnight oats and breakfast quinoa, sometimes you need to mix up your grains, and I can't help but lean on grits to do just that. Their creamy, pebbled texture can be flavored with pretty much anything. Delicious on its own, it comes to life topped with a runny poached or fried egg; a piece of marinated, broiled tofu; or even crunchy bacon stirred into the creamy breakfast dish.

To get you on your way, here are a few ways to take grits from breakfast to supper.

Pumpkin Bacon Grits With a Poached Egg

If you're looking for a unique breakfast dish, consider serving this creamy recipe. The salty, crispy bacon bites give this smooth and satisfying dish just the right amount of crunch. — Lauren Gordon

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Breakfast Poppers With Grits and Bacon

Kick brunch [or breakfast] up a notch with these poppable party foods. You'll love the crunch of the breaded exterior and rejoice at the creamy, bacon-filled centers. These are great to pass around to get your guests excited for the [meal] ahead. — Lauren Gordon

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Perfect Poached Eggs With Cheddar-Chive Grits and Crispy Ham

Don't be intimidated by poached eggs. This recipe shows you how to perfectly poach them and has creative and flavorful sides that will be a total hit at your next [breakfast]. — Lauren Gordon

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Truffled Grits and Ham

Smoked ham cooked in truffle butter, grits cooked with rich duck demi-glace, and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, this dish is a rich and decadent way to start your day.

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