Whirlpool’s New Appliances Will Hide the Fact That You Don’t Know How to Cook

If ‘The Joy of Cooking’ and your oven had a baby…

Whirlpool Smart Front Control Range 

If you thought Blue Apron was the easiest way to get cooking, Whirlpool is here to change your mind. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the appliance manufacturer announced its new line of kitchen appliances that will be internet-connected and integrated with its recently acquired Yummly app.

Forget paging through cookbooks and online recipe databases. Instead, consumers will be able to look up dish ideas based on what’s already in their fridges and pantries. First, the Yummly app will visually recognize the ingredients on hand and then suggest recipes. Missing ingredients will automatically be added to a shopping list (for pickup or delivery from shopping partners).

Choose a meal time, and the app will integrate the recipe’s prep time with your calendar to prompt you to start cooking.

Link the smartphone app with your oven or microwave for instructions on how long and at what temperature to cook each meal. While you’re cooking, the oven’s small touchscreen will prompt you at each step along the way — indicating when to start preheating the oven, when to flip the pancakes, or when to turn down the heat.

The new line of appliances will launch later this year and definitely won’t come cheap. Smart appliances have been gaining traction for a while, but at this point it looks like everything but the kitchen sink is Wi-Fi-enabled ... but that won't be far behind.

Will guided cooking be one of the biggest stories of this year?