When Chocolate Meets Coffee

A collection of wonderful recipes combining two favorite flavors: chocolate and coffee

Cold Brew Iced Mocha Pops // The View From Great Island

For some reason, when you use a little coffee when baking with chocolate, the inherent chocolatey flavor is so much more pronounced and powerful. It’s true: Just add a tablespoon of instant coffee to your next chocolate cake and you’ll see — the results are extraordinary.

Yet when you add a lot of coffee to your chocolate, you get such an exceptional flavor that it gets its own name: mocha.

When you are in need of a sweet decadent chocolate fix and also are in need of a caffeine boost, mocha brings together the best of both worlds in one opulent bite.


In this week’s SWAT (Sharing With A Theme), our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers shared their coffee and chocolate masterpieces. Although the term mocha technically denotes a beverage that incorporates both chocolate and coffee, we are in favor of innovation and bending the rules. In this recipe roundup, we have 12 beautifully styled recipes for iced treats, cakes, cookies, and even a cocktail!