Wacky Recipe Wednesday Week No. 2

Bringing you recipes that make you say, ‘Huh? What?’
Wacky Wednesday: Pretty Food Edition

Wacky Wednesday: Pretty Food Edition 

Welcome to week two of The Daily Meal’s Wacky Wednesday recipe round-up— a series where we reach out to our talented Culinary Content Network of food bloggers and request their wackiest recipes; creations so weird they would make you pause and say, “Wait…what are you making?”

“Wacky” could mean a strange flavor pairing or interesting cooking method, or it could mean a dish has an absurd presentation or ridiculous and funny background story. No one really knows what craziness Wacky Wednesday will rake in, but I can tell you this: We are definitely having some fun with it.

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I’m affectionately referring to this week’s Wacky Wednesday’s round-up as the Pretty Food Edition as each of the featured recipes have beautiful posts, beautiful photos, and beautiful ideas all with a fun/funny twist! Here are the recipes that made it this week:

Food Flowers

Sharon Chen of Delish Plan starts off with, “Who on earth have the luxury of the time to even think about how to make food flowers these days?”

But regardless of how often you make them, this is an essential life skill, right? Learn how to do it here — plus, there’s a video!

The WORST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chef Google is constantly pestered to spit out recipes for the “BEST EVER,” “MOST WONDERFUL,” “PERFECT,” “LIFE CHANGING” chocolate chip cookies, and Sam of Sugar Spun Run food blog decided she had had enough hyperbole. In contrast these cookies are “the worst”… in a good way, of course.

 “Go no further, these cookies will ruin your life.”

Are you willing to try Sugar Spun Run’s horrible, no good, very bad chocolate chip cookies? She claims they will consume your life, shrink your jeans, and wreck relationships; still tempted?

Read this wacky post for the Worst Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies and have yourself a giggle.

ice cream
Honey Roasted Figs, Whisky, & Bacon Ice Cream

What a title, amiright? Figs, whiskey, and bacon all in an ice cream? This wacky flavor combination is sure to make eyes widen in hungry anticipation and make taste buds sing! Try it here on Mess of Green’s food blog.

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