Wacky Recipe Wednesday Week No. 1

Bringing you recipes that make you say, ‘Huh? What?’

Wacky Recipe Wednesday: Bringing you recipes that make you say, ‘Huh? What?’


Welcome to the inaugural week of The Daily Meal’s Wacky Wednesday recipe roundup.  We reached out to our talented Culinary Content Network of food bloggers and requested their wackiest recipes — creations so weird they would make you pause and say, “Wait…what are you making?”

“Wacky” could mean a strange flavor pairing or interesting cooking method, or it could mean a dish has an absurd presentation or ridiculous background story. No one really knows what craziness Wacky Wednesday will rake in, but I can tell you this: We are definitely excited for it.

Here are the three wackiest recipes of the week:

The Fool’s Gold Sandwich

fools gold

Christine Carlisle of Chew Nibble Nosh brings us her recipe for the legendary Fool’s Gold Sandwich.

Born out of a kitchen in Denver,  this bad boy is like a PB&J on steroids and was incidentally one of Elvis Presley’s all-time favorite meals.  

The Fool's Gold sandwich begins with a loaf of French bread that is covered in butter — or as Christine put it: “First, I coated the loaf of bread with an entire stick of butter. (I think I heard Paula Deen faint)”— and toasted in the oven until brown and slightly crispy. Then the loaf is sliced lengthwise, hollowed out, and filled with an entire jar of peanut butter, and an entire jar of jelly (grape was Elvis’ preferred flavor), then loaded with full pound of bacon.

The recipe claims it feed “8 to 10…or 1 Elvis.” In all, Wikipedia reports that that’s around 8,000 calories, just FYI.

But the question remains, is it good? Christine tells us, “Crazy as it seems, it really is just about the most perfect flavor combination out there.  The bread is buttery and crisp, and surprisingly not over the top.  Throw in the peanut butter and jelly, which warm up to be extra gloopy in the hot bread, and the crunchy, salty, savory bacon?  It’s flavor heaven.” Boom, wacky.

Check out the full recipe for Elvis’s favorite Fool’s Gold Sandwich here.

Bruléed Goat Cheese S'mores

goat cheese s'mores

The Hungry Buddha starts off this recipe with a caveat, “You may be thinking this is gross, but hear me out.”

In this recipe, the s’more starts off innocent enough: with a graham cracker base and a little square of milk chocolate… But then things get weird.

The Hungary Buddha whips up a concoction of goat cheese and cream, dollops a spoonful on top of the chocolate and sprinkles it with sugar. Next, she brings out a blow torch to caramelize the sugar and melt the chocolate before topping this blasphemy (my words, not hers) with the remaining cracker.

Would you eat this? If so, click here for the full recipe and instructions.

Great White Shark Macarons With Pink Sea Salt Caramel Filling

shark macarons

The Diary of a Mad Housefrau created this recipe after a scuba diving trip in Mexico, and the world may be a better place with the addition of this wacky genius.

Gray macaron cookies are filled with salty pink frosting to create a mouth and dotted with candied fennel seeds to create shark teeth!  Check out the story of her scuba travels and how she made these sweets here.

Check in next week for week the second week of The Daily Meal’s Wacky Wednesday recipe roundup!

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