Ununsual Gadgets You Don’t Need (But Probably Want) Slideshow

For the home cook who has everything: we've found what you still need

Ununsual Gadgets You Don’t Need (But Probably Want)

We poke fun of the kitchen gadgets that follow, it’s all good-natured. And at the end of the day, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, why not add a little quirkiness to your ever-expanding list of tools?

Strawberry Huller

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy strawberries. But who has time to painstaking remove all those stems with a common kitchen knife? Enter the strawberry huller from Smart Design products by OXO. Just push a button, give it a twist, and in mere seconds: no more stem!

Available at MoMA Store

Milk Carton Holder

Let’s face it: when you wake up in the morning, the last thing you want to deal with is holding that bulky carton of milk to pour into your bowl of Bran Flakes. Problem solved! This handy little contraption fits most half gallon containers, giving your morning routine the added value of a handle.

Available on Amazon

Microwave S’more Maker

Picture this: you’re at home, watching a movie and the craving hits. You want that gooey and chocolaty campfire treat, but there is nary a campfire to be found! All is not lost. This handy contraption holds all the fixin’s in place so you can quickly pop your snack into the microwave and seconds later— voila!— your craving is satisfied.

Available on Amazon


Spinning Spaghetti Fork

You’ve had a long day at the office. You’re tired. You’re ready to sit down for a plate of freshly cooked spaghetti. The last thing you have time for is to twirl your own noodles like some plebeian, right? (And you’re certainly in no mood for some romantic spaghetti–eating a la Lady & the Tramp.) Say no more. This battery- operated fork has you covered. Now you can twirl your pasta with the simple touch of a button.

Available on Hammacher Schlemmer


The Selfie Toaster

It’s time for breakfast. But first? Let’s take a selfie! When you order your toaster, you’re asked to also submit a headshot. Two custom (and removable, for cleaning purposes) plates are crafted and included, letting you serve your guests breakfast with a really personal touch.

Available on Hammacher Shlemmer


SureTemp LED Faucet Light

If there’s one thing that has always plagued any home cook, it’s all that waiting for the darn faucet is the right temperature. Who has time for that nonsense? Well now you can go about your other household duties, thanks to this innovation. The faucet add-on lights up your water, letting you know the water’s temperature just by looking at it! Green is cold, blue is cool (for some reason) and red is (appropriately) hot.

Available on Gadgets and Gear


Karoto Sharpener & Peeler

Who says pencil sharpeners are just for pencils? Recreate those “teepees” we all remember from grade school, except with carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, and more! (Also, the thinly shaved ribbons make for perfect salad toppers. Details, details.)

Available on AUSFA Design


Open Sesame Bagel Slicer

Who didn’t fancy themself one day becoming a magician? So maybe that childhood dream never came to fruition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a piece of it to the kitchen. This quirky bagel slicer lets you channel your inner magician by performing that age-old trick: sawing your assistant in half.

Available on Inked Shop


Golden Good In-Shell Egg

If you’ve never wondered what the easiest way to scramble an egg without having to crack its shell, well… yeah, that’s probably pretty reasonable. There have been some videos floating around explaining how to do it, but this handy contraption makes it a lot easier and less messy.

Available on Goose Gadgets


Oilless Hot Air “Fryer”

Could it be? Do we even want it to be? Apparently so! For those looking to indulge in a little splurge snack (think french fries, mozzarella sticks, or chicken nuggets), this will fry them up with zero added oil. It uses infrared heating to heat foods to 400 degrees with a fan that keeps the air circulating evenly. It even has a removable divider so you can cook two different types of food at the same time.

Available on Hammacher Schlemmer


Mellow Smart Sous-Vide Machine

You know how when you’re watching your favorite cooking challenge show and the aspiring chef declares, “I’m going to sous-vide it!” and then you instinctually gasp because they’re probably going to mess it up? Mellow is a smart sous-vide machine that weighs your food automatically and cooks it precisely, despite your skill level. Best part? It has built-in refrigeration, so you can pop your dinner (sealed in any food-safe bag) in the morning and remotely control when your food starts cooking with a custom app.

Available on Cook Mellow (in early 2016)