The Ultimate Taco Tuesday

When you think about it, you can put anything in a taco. Whether it's Asian inspired, Indian focused or even Italian (think spicy Italian sausage and sautéed peppers and onions), you can do a lot with a taco. And throwing a Taco Tuesday party, no matter what the day of the week, is a fun way to experiment with all you can do.

From traditional tacos to fancy fajitas and big burritos, there are many ways to get taco fix. The key, though, is to have the best ingredients possible. And since the tortilla is the base of the taco, you've got to start there.

Mission® is the #1 tortilla company in the U.S. and manufactures a variety of authentic Mexican products. So, you can get most of your Taco Tuesday's menu ingredients from them. As they've grown, Mission made sure to always put an emphasis on authentic flavors, while providing healthy options that families and friends can enjoy together. The brand's new Organic Shelf-Stable Tortillas are particularly delicious when putting together a Taco Tuesday meal. USDA Organic Certified and made with non-GMO ingredients, these tortillas are for those who believe that the quality and flavor of their tortilla is just as important as what goes into them. Offered in flour, whole wheat and corn varieties, there is a tortilla for everyone and a recipe for the perfect taco, too.

Make it Easy

One of the greatest things about tacos is that they are easy to make. The ultimate DIY meal, a well-stocked taco bar means that guests can build their ultimate taco with their favorite flavors. Create a taco bar with everything they need – from tortillas to fillings – to get it done.

Create Options

Since you can never eat only one taco, consider creating options for guests to mix and match their ingredients to create a few different kinds of tacos. Have some vegetarian options like grilled tofu and a few different kind of beans. Yellow squash also makes a delicious taco filling. Run the range of flavors when it comes to your other proteins. For example, slices of grilled steak are always a fan favorite but guests might like to try something different like cocoa-rubbed BBQ steak slices. If you're offering lean proteins like chicken and fish, do the same and offer options.

Keep it Fresh

What people love most about a taco is the fresh flavor. When putting out your taco ingredients, keep both freshness and purity in mind. Choose seasonal veggies (and maybe some fruit) that have been simply prepared or are even raw. Hit up your local farmer's market to see what's looking good and take it from there.

Insider Tips

For optimum flavor, always heat up your tortilla prior to serving. It helps to not only enhance the flavor of the tortilla, but also the whole taco tastes better when it is warm inside and out.

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