The Ultimate Halloween Candy Health Smack-Down

Which One Should You Eat?

That said, we don't want to completely scare you away from enjoying sweets on this holiday. Just like any other special occasion, the key to enjoying the festivities while staying on-track with your diet is making smarter choices. To help you choose your candy a little more wisely, we compared Halloween candies with similar flavor profiles to show you which candy is the better choice. You may be surprised to learn just how different these little treats are!

Hershey Kisses vs. Tootsie Roll

Both candies are sweet, chocolaty, and totally tasty, but one definitely reigns supreme over the other in nutrition facts. Granted it isn't by much, but one Hershey Kiss actually contains fewer calories and less sugar than a Tootsie Roll.

Milk Duds vs. Whoppers

Talk about a whopper of a reality check. Bite-size bits of gooey chocolate seem like they'd be pretty much on par with each other in terms of nutrition. However, one package of  fun-size Milk Duds has half of the calories, sugar, and fat of a fun-size box of Whoppers. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups vs. Reese’s Pieces

These two are practically the same thing, are they not? Wrong! A snack-size Reese's Peanut Butter Cup has 43 more calories than a fun-size pack of Reese's Pieces. 

Dots vs Jelly Belly Jellybeans

Colorful, sweet, and packed with little bursts of flavor, you'd think candy comprised of essentially the same ingredients wouldn't differ much. However, a fun-size pack of Dots has 67 calories while a similarly sized pack of Jelly Belly Jellybeans only has 35.

Swedish Fish vs. Twizzlers

Not all red, chewy candy is created equal. A snack-size package of Twizzlers has 80 more calories than a small package of Swedish fish. 

Butterfingers vs. Snickers

You may be okay with folks laying a finger on your Butterfinger. After all, an equally crunchy, flavorful-filled candy is far healthier (and better loved loved) than Bart Simpson's favorite candy. Snickers have 28 fewer calories per fun-size bar than Butterfingers — and were voted as America's favorite candy! 

Twix vs. Kit Kat

There is no denying that these crunchy cookie bars are both tasty, but one of them is the smarter choice. A Kit Kat narrowly beats out a Twix bar with just seven fewer calories that its opponent. 

Milky Way vs. 3 Musketeers

Both chocolate-coated and loaded with tasty centers, these candies definitely don't come up short in the flavor department. However, enjoying a 3 Musketeers bar over a Milky Way bar will save you 16.7 calories!