Top Food Bloggers' Holiday Recipes Slideshow

We asked the top mom food bloggers, "What is your most cherished family holiday recipe?"

Italian Thanksgiving Stuffing

My most cherished family holiday recipe is my grandmother's Italian Thanksgiving stuffing. Growing up Italian, nothing was "traditional" at Thanksgiving... especially this stuffing. It is my favorite holiday dish, and I look forward to making it every year.

Nonnie’s Cranberry Sauce

A Thanksgiving in my family would not be complete without my Nonnie's cranberry sauce — a homemade cranberry sauce spiked with lots of horseradish. It sounds strange, but it is the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving table. I make two versions each year: one with the horseradish and one without for the kids.

Grandma’s Red Velvet Cupcakes

My grandma's red velvet cupcakes are cherished by my family. We make them for holidays, birthdays, and any other reason that we're celebrating!

Apple Pear Upside-Down Cake

For the past few years, this delicious apple pear upside-down cake has been a family favorite at holiday dinners. I love the complex apple, butterscotch, and vanilla flavors, and I always end up with a gorgeous and crowd-pleasing cake.

Mom’s English Toffee

Each and every Christmas, I make batch after batch of my mom’s English toffee (which I’ve been making with her for more than 25 years!). I've seen a lot of toffee recipes over the years, but mine works so well for me that I hesitate to try a new one.

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