Top Chefs Share Their Biggest Holiday Cooking Fails

When it comes to preparing a big holiday meal, many home cooks get intimidated by such a big undertaking.

From burned birds to heavily salted sides, there are countless ways Christmas meals can go wrong.

But, it turns out even the professionals don't always get it right, either. Some big names in the food business shared their holiday cooking disasters with So don't stress, sometimes even chefs need a little helping hand when it comes to putting together a big meal.

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"I butchered a turkey once," Spencer Rubin of Melt Shop said. "It was totally underdone. We pulled it out, we carved it, it was raw. It totally ruined the entire evening."

Cory Colton of Quality Meats agrees. "Of course there's fails. There [have] been times when I accidentally put the oven on 'lock' and it's gone through the cleaning cycle and you just pray the house doesn't burn down."

Some chefs get a little too ambitious.

Mark Rosati, the culinary director of Danny Meyer's Shake Shack burger chain, said he tried to impress friends and family one year by creating a dessert tasting platter for 14 people.

By time he got around to serving it, he says, "the ice cream was melting, the chocolate cake was crumbling."

And even professional palates sometimes fail when chefs get too creative.  

"I tried a crab stuffing in my turkey one year," admitted J.J. Johnson, executive chef at The Cecil. "Not good!"

Of course, if the food doesn't turn out exactly how you planned, there's always another option.

Drew Nieporent of Myriad Restaurant Group says a few holiday fails may be inevitable but as a host or a guest "you can always make up for it with big bottles of wine."

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