There Is A $38 Crudite Platter At Clever Rabbit In Chicago

Paying $38 for a crudite platter sounds legit insane, I know. My first thought when I saw the thing on the menu at Clever Rabbit: I could get a steak for that. Then I realized I sounded like my dad and decided to give the vegetables a try.

If you do the same, be prepared for a spectacle. The wooden board is the size of a small table, and every inch is covered with veggies, spreads and sauces. The components will change based on seasonality, but here's an approximation of what you may get: bowls of smoked mushroom mousse topped with truffle, eggplant agrodolce dotted with raisins, and trumpet mushroom conserva; smears of goat cheese and labneh; rounds of hempseed naan; and stacks of finger-food veggies, some raw, some pickled — perhaps white asparagus, radishes, cucumbers sprinkled with dill and a perfectly untidy pile of heirloom carrots in different, vibrant hues.

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