Super Niche Cookbooks Slideshow

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Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes from Simple to Sassy by Debbie Moose

 Who knew that you could take a perfectly delicious deviled egg and spike it with, say, wasabi, just like they do in it Japan. Or maybe they don't.

Goat Cheese by Maggie Foard

Apparently you can replace the cheese in any recipe with goat cheese, or you can buy this cookbook.

Pecans: From Soup to Nuts by Keith Courrege and Marcelle Bienvenu

Proof at last that it's possible to encrust every dish on earth with pecans.

Everything Flax by Linda Braun

It's always been easy to sprinkle flax on just about anything you eat, but now there's this guide for flaxifying empanadas, sushi rolls, foccacia, and basically anything else you can think sprinkling flax on top of it.

Popcorn by Patrick Evans-Hylton

For the stoner on your list who has everything, gorgonzola-green onion popcorn. What would Orville do?

Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes by Adam Ried

 Because chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are so yesterday, here's a maple bacon milkshake; it's what all the kids are screaming for.

The Breakfast Cereal Gourmet by David Hoffman

No, this book is not about how to make your own cereal. It's about how to turn the cereal you already have into something. else. Cap'n'Crunch crabcakes? Lucky Charms lamb? How could you ever eat that stuff for breakfast again?

Nathalie Dupree’s Shrimp and Grits Cookbook by Nathalie Dupree

Right up there with The Catholic Guide to Great Sex, this one is in the running for the world's shortest book. Except it includes 80 recipes. Spoiler alert: All of them contain shrimp and grits.

Smoothies for Athletes by John M. Fitzgerald

Believe it or not, not a single recipe contains human growth hormone. But there is plenty of flax.

The New Lasagna Cookbook by Maria Bruscino Sanchez

It's not just for dinner anymore: Don't miss the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast lasagna. Guaranteed to drive you right back under the sheets. You'll want to reinvigorate in about 30 minutes with, say, a healthy smoothie.

101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes by Wendy Paul

Apply this book and in your kitchen every six seconds a cupcake will be made. Thank god for boxed cake mix. And possibly amphetamines.