Serve In Style With These Seasonal Cooking Techniques

Are you entertaining this season? Without the right tools, cooking can make those long days in the kitchen even longer. For my favorite meals shared with loved ones, I only trust Anolon's Nouvelle Copper Luxe collection.

When it comes to winter entertaining, I'm all about the one-pot meal with loads of garnishes. It's not only easier, but you get the many flavors all in one place. There's nothing like breaking bread over a warm bowl of soup or a hearty winter stew with friends.

The Nouvelle Copper 5-Quart Dutch Ovens are great for preparing a pot of chili, some coq au vin or osso bucco. With its superior heat conduction and temperature control copper base, I can effortlessly leave my pot cooking without fear of overheating or scorching while I prepare the rest of the meal.

This season, let your one-pot dish be the star and complete the meal with complementary fresh bread, garnishes and toppings.

Embrace the humble braise

I love to use my Nouvelle Copper Luxe cookware to braise chicken or beef stews. Because the pots are oven-safe to 500 degrees, I can sear my proteins on the range ahead of time and then transfer to the oven for a low-and-slow braise that's ready when my guests arrive.

Shakshuka all the way

Because the Nouvelle Copper Luxe products are nonstick, they're great for my all-time favorite brunch dish: shakshuka — eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Shakshuka make a great one-pot-meal for entertaining, and I love to serve it straight from the skillet finished with fresh pita on the side.

The perfect one-pot meal: Stoups

For a dish that's thicker than a traditional soup but thinner than a stew, I use the Nouvelle Copper Luxe Dutch Oven to prepare a hearty stew. Add a form of protein, a variety of vegetables and a grain or legumes for a one-pot meal that's equally robust and filling – and perfect for entertaining.

The best part? This one-dish cleanup is even easier due to Nouvelle's Copper unique rivets that sit flush against the side of the pan as well as being dishwasher safe.

The result? More time spent with friends.

— Chanie Apfelbaum for Anolon

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