Reducing Your Sodium Can Taste Great!

Did you think about how much salt you sprinkled on your eggs this morning?

Have you any idea of how much sodium is loaded in the lunch you've ordered?

Are you conscious of your own sodium intake but more concerned about a family member that happily dumps salt before even tasting their food?

Well now is really the time for action.

Coinciding with World Salt Awareness week, the Daily Meal has teamed up with LoSalt® to promote healthier sodium levels. From Monday through Sunday, World Action on Salt & Health (the organization driving salt awareness week) is focusing the planet's attention on issues around sodium and wellbeing, as they do every year. For 2015, the focus is on fast food options and in particular the healthier choices we can help children to make.

According to the American Heart Association, nine out of ten Americans consume too much salt, and America's love affair with processed foods is a huge part of the problem.

Why do we need to reduce our sodium?

Well...excess sodium consumption is the number one contributory factor to elevated blood pressure which in turn is the number one risk factor for poor heart health. Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that one in three American adults (31%) has high blood pressure which significantly increases the risk of developing stroke and heart disease. 

Unfortunately the majority of us do not want to pass on the salt, we just love the taste of it. If you (or a loved one) cannot get out the habit of using salt, a great tasting option is LoSalt. A blend of two natural mineral salts (1/3 regular salt, sodium chloride and 2/3 potassium chloride), LoSalt delivers just 33% the sodium without compromising on flavor! Not only can it be used on the table or in cooking, it can also be used in baking – just substitute salt with LoSalt in the exact same quantity and you will be getting 66% less sodium.

Of course, this week is not the only week to pay attention to how much sodium we're taking in. Keeping healthy, especially when it comes to heart health, is a year round commitment that includes exercise, rest, stress reduction, and a diet rich in healthy lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

How can you learn more about sodium and health? Join The Daily Meal on Tuesday, March 17 (yes, that's St. Patrick's Day) for a live Twitter chat from 3pm – 5pm EST with our editors and our social network for some spicy conversation around salt at #KnowYourSalt.

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