Red and Pink Foods to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Pink, red, and oh so many hearts: We are feeling extra mushy preparing for this Valentine’s Day

Coeur à la Crème With Blackberry Sauce // Mon Petit Four

In this week’s Culinary Content Network SWAT (Sharing With A Theme), our talented food bloggers were feeling festive and romantic. They sent us scores of Valentine’s Day romantic treats and savory recipes for dishes designed for a special evening just for two or for treats to share with many deserving Valentines. (If you want to dig in by yourself, though, we won’t judge.)

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Here at The Daily Meal, we were feeling extra mushy and cheesy, so we made this Valentine’s Day recipe roundup color-specific: Only red and pick food allowed, and extra bonus points if the dish was heart-shaped!

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Though this roundup is mostly desserts, there are a few enticing red and pink savory additions in the mix, too. Don’t miss out; make your Valentine something over the top and heart-gladdening this Feb. 14.