Frozen Foods Remain Popular As Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

Consumer behavior has continued to shift as states and local governments navigate safely reopening restaurants and other indoor establishments. However, according to Nielsen data covering the week ending June 20, one consumer trend has stayed the same. 

Every State's Favorite Fast Food During Coronavirus

Months into the pandemic, U.S. shoppers continue to stock up their freezers with frozen meals, novelties and ice. The demand for frozen foods in brick and mortar shops grew 24% over the week ending June 20. 

Frozen foods are versatile and efficient. They are useful in the event you would rather stay out of reopened restaurants or don't have the time to cook up an easy dinner in under an hour. There are many ways to use frozen vegetables as well as many frozen fruit recipes for refreshing no-bake desserts, smoothies and popsicles. 

While frozen foods continue to trend upward in brick and mortar shops, groceries as a whole are contributing most to online e-commerce growth. Since the pandemic started, e-commerce is up 52%. Cheese, soft drinks and sparkling water are the main drivers of online growth for the week ending June 20. 

If you're planning on stocking up on frozen meals during your next trip to the grocery store, keep a look out for the healthiest and unhealthiest frozen dinners