10 Meals You Can Make with Eggs in 30 Mins or Less

Start your morning off right
10 Meals in 30 Minutes or Less
Egglan'ds Best

Let’s face it — the biggest barrier preventing us from cooking a well-balanced meal is usually time. No matter how tasty a cheese and pepper omelette might sound, when faced with a choice between an extra hour of sleep and prepping in the kitchen, most of us choose sleep. In our daily time crunch we snack on chips for lunch or have a fast-food dinner that often leaves out key nutritional building blocks like protein.

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Unfortunately, there are many downsides to skipping meals. If you’re like most people, skipping breakfast may leave you dazed on your morning commute — and lead to eventual binge eating before noon. And a day without lunch usually leads to an oversized, carb-packed dinner and a restless night of fitful sleep.


But you don’t need to sacrifice those extra few minutes of time or deprive yourself a tasty meal — it’s easy to start your morning off right with the burst of energy and nutrition-packed goodness of Eggland’s Best eggs. Eggland’s Best offers the perfect solution for you with these 10 meals you can make with eggs in 30 mins or less.