From Mashed To Fried: 11 Perfect Potato Recipes You Need

Let's talk potatoes. They are by far Americans' favorite vegetable, and why not? They go with nearly every protein imaginable, are filling on their own, and can be cooked using practically every method out there. Just throw this starchy favorite in some boiling water for a quick weeknight side or deep-fry until crisped and brown for the most sinfully delicious treat around.

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Potatoes are harvested throughout July and August, but can even be grown during the winter in warmer climates, which may account for their widespread availability and consumption. Whether you find yourself on the hunt for the best potato skin recipe or need some inspiration to get out of your baked potato rut, The Daily Meal has 12 perfect potato recipes just for you.  

Potatoes don't have to be boring, in fact, try one of these perfect potato recipes to astound your friends at you next potluck or dinner party with your potato cooking skills. With so many recipes to try, you will never be bored with potatoes again.

This mostly inexpensive vegetable comes in many sizes and types, with more than 100 varieties grown in the United States alone. Potatoes are divided into five variety types: white, red, russets, yellows, and blues. Pick starchy russet potatoes for rosti recipes and over-the-top French fries, use Yukon golds for golden mashed potatoes, and snatch up purple potatoes for a colorful roast.

If you find yourself with a pound of potatoes and no ideas, look no further — we have rounded up our favorite potato recipes to show off this versatile vegetable. From mashed to fried, we have a recipe just for you.

Duchess Potatoesusing a fluted pastry tip

This classic French potato dish just looks fancy. Piped into little mounds , these potatoes are as delicious as they are beautiful with rich cream, nutmeg, and a hint of heat from the cracked black pepper.

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French Friesthis recipe for a quick and easy ketchup you can make in your slow cooker.

For the perfect French fry that is both crisp and fluffy, use the double fry technique. Once your fries come out of the fryer, simply add you favorite sauce, like

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