Make Lunch More Fun Than Recess

Packing a lunch every day can become a chore, if you're not careful. Everyone has to eat, but why not take it as an opportunity to let your imagination soar? Your kids will appreciate your effort, and you'll have a reason to look forward to the task.

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Start with the perfect lunch bag—one your child has been allowed to select himself. Trust me on this. There's nothing that makes a kid grumpier than one who's forced to utilize the lunch bag that you bought on clearance and he hates it. Spend the few extra bucks for those wide smiles; there are bigger battles to wage than this.

We pack in re-usable containers for a couple reasons: our school encourages reusing/reducing/recycling, preferring that we cut down on waste; but also because you will never have to worry about running out of packing supplies with re-usable containers. Kids are notorious for not telling you when you're out of something. Don't get stuck improvising with whatever remnants of food wraps you can find! Grab a few reusable sandwich bags or hard plastic containers and eliminate that stress from your life.

Lunch notes are a traditional way to show you care, but how much more fun would it be to include homemade Mad Libs or lunch note jokes in your child's lunch box instead? They're food for the brain, while adding some levity—a win all the way around.

Beat lunchtime boredom with a little creativity. Sandwiches don't have to be the traditional pb&j or tuna. Change it up a bit with unique mash-ups, like Cream Cheese-Salami-Apple or Hummus-Carrot-Cucumber. Variety truly is the spice of life; your kids will appreciate the effort!

The award for most adorable lunchtime creation has to go to this Shredded Apple Sammie. What a surprise when your child removes the lid and finds Sammie waiting for him inside! He's almost too cute to eat—almost.

Whatever you do, the most important ingredient goes into all packed lunches—love. Take the time to show you care with a personalized lunch from home. Your kids deserve it!

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