Le Creuset Just Released a New Starry Sky Dutch Oven and We Want One

The enamel pot looks magical, and for $380 we kind of hope it is

The classic, enamel, cast-iron cookware by Le Creuset has become an iconic symbol of high-quality French culinary design. Once almost exclusively found in the color “flame,” their signature orangey color is now just one of many options customers can choose from when buying one of their coveted cast-iron pots or pans. The unmistakable pots and pans, seen on so many wedding registries and kitchen wish lists, certainly do not come cheaply with their one quart Dutch oven selling for roughly $100 and larger pieces sometimes retailing for over $500 depending on the color and style.

Earlier this year Le Creuset hopped on the trendy bandwagon and launched their very own millennial pink collection. Now, just in time for the holidays, they have just released their newest design. More demure than the millennial pink, the new treatment features a dark navy blue enamel that is covered in dainty smatterings of stars so that it resembles a particularly perfect night sky with the tiniest hint of fantasy — y’know, a second star to the right, and straight on till morning kind of thing.


One look at the price, however, and you might come crashing back to reality. At $380 this 4.5-quart round Dutch oven, which is being sold exclusively at Bloomingdales, is rather expensive and might be better off staying in the realm of imagination for many of its admirers, condemned to be one of many kitchen items that you probably don’t need—but might want anyway.