King's Hawaiian's 10 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Use Dinner Rolls

Summer days are for slowing down and taking it all in. Pack a picnic basket, grab your friends and family, and escape for the day to the beach, soaking in some sun while the waves playfully lap at your feet. Salty sea air, sand between your toes, and all the sunshine you could possibly desire are at your beck and call. They need only your presence to achieve perfection.

10 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Use Dinner Rolls

Maybe camping is more your style — everyone assembled around a fire sparking orange, red, and yellow as you laugh with each other, abandoning electronic devices for a true connection with the ones you love. The fireflies lend a bit of magic to the night, glowing yellow in the dark night, giving chase to little hands desperate to capture the moment.

This is the time of year when it all feels possible.

Food is essential to all your summertime celebrations. Most people imagine sinking their teeth into a slice of watermelon, chomping row after row of succulent sweet corn right off the cob, or licking their way through refreshing popsicles when they think of summer. They're probably not thinking of dinner rolls — but they should be. Dinner rolls are a lot more versatile than you'd ever imagine! Whether it's a picnic, camping trip, or beach day, you'll discover that they're equipped for just about any activity you throw at them. Freedom at last! No longer confined to the dining room table for elaborate holiday meals, dinner rolls are ready for their time in the spotlight. Say hello to your new summer star!

Bread Pudding

Sometimes, dessert is just as easy as mixing together some cubed stale bread, custard, and a little something special, transforming these simple ingredients into something awe-inspiring. This pineapple bacon bread pudding combines flavors that are sure to please everyone at the picnic!


There's a lot of go-go-go all summer long, and breakfast can get forgotten in the rush. Slice your dinner rolls in quarters and fry up some French toast sticks that are perfect for grab-and-go fueling. If you have the time, a little cup of pure maple syrup for dipping is all you need to put them over the top!